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So you forgot Valentines Day…what now?

15 Feb

Make it up to your other half of course with something potted and fabulous!


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All the ladies of the world…

14 Feb

In case you need a last minute idea, here’s the link http://youtu.be/hFjrbmj0CUc

Be a man and ask someone to be your Valentine

13 Feb

So, you’re not in a relationship on Valentines Day…who cares!  Tell someone that you ‘like’ them!

If you are really freaked out and can’t man up then get all the ladies in the office a cupcake or something on Valentines Day and use it as an excuse to gauge the reaction of your crush!

Can’t get a babysitter for Valentines Day?

11 Feb

Well…I have the solution!

For this project you will need:

a friend
a Valentines Day Card (or other sentimental card)

Touch base with your friend and see if they are on board.

You need to pick a date in the diary when you will look after your buddy’s children while he takes his wife out.

Then work out a date when he can look after your children so that you can take your wife out. The date you take your wife out doesn’t need to be Valentines Day as long as they know that you are taking them out on a specific date.

So, on Valentines Day you can each give your wife a nice card telling them how much you love and appreciate them.  Also include the details of your pre-planned date.  She will be thrilled!  Not only have you made plans, you have found a babysitter aswell!

What a champion!

Love Stats from the Motherland

10 Feb


Thanks to Daily Infographic, click here for more cool infographics!

I’d rethink that skimpy lingerie set this Valentines Day

8 Feb

I know that I’ve said it but I’m going to say it again…’KNOW YOUR VALENTINE’.

If your other half has just had a baby or is heavily pregnant then a gift of skimpy underwear could go down like a lead balloon.

If you do want to go with skimpy underwear this Valentines Day then I would actually go with black because a) it will flatter every skin tone and b) she will be able to wear it regularly and c) she may feel less like an unpaid hooker.

Before you shop, look in her underwear drawer.  Look for something you see her in regularly for a true indication of size.  Steer clear of wedding lingerie as she will likely have been a size smaller on her wedding day.

If in doubt don’t go there!  Nothing dampens any sexy feeling like your underwear creating little rolls of skin/fat because it is too tight.  If you go too big you may as well have bought her a card that says ‘Happy Valentines Day, you’ve really stacked it on!’.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although you might think that your girlfriend is sex on legs most of us have parts of our bodies that we don’t like.  Lingerie is actually more about women finding the combination of items that makes them feel HOT!  So, why not go shopping together or if you want to give her something on Valentines Day then buy a gift card to a gorgeous lingerie shop.

By all means if your woman looks like this then I wouldn’t worry about anything I just said

Fat, pale and hairy

6 Feb

I can only assume from the giveaways offered in the beauty section of ‘Peninsula Living Magazine’ that its core readers are fat, pale and hairy.

Of six ‘Valentines Day’ giveaways, one is for a five-session course of fat reduction treatments, another is for packs of tanning product and the third is for at-home waxing products.

I just want to be clear with all men that none of these is acceptable as a gift.  Don’t be fooled by all the love hearts on the page, these are not gifts!!

So, what are they?  Us women folk must be meant to jump at the chance of denuding our bodies of hair at home and ruining our bed linen with fake tan all while keeping up with our fat reduction sessions.

To be fair, I’m not against any of the above just NOT in the name of Valentine’s Day.

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