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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours

7 Mar

Forgive me father for I have sinned…it has been nearly two weeks since my last blog post!

Now that we have that out of the way I have some seriously disturbing dating news to share with you.  Apparently, with the advent of online dating and dating apps where you direct message people, common decency has gone out the window along with any embarrassment one might previously have felt in admitting a foot fetish or the like.

Now that our initial contact is not face-to-face, people feel free to just put it out there.

If you are looking to pay someone to fulfil your fetish then this approach could work if you happen to stumble across a hooker on eHarmony or OkCupid!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there is anything wrong with having a foot fetish but this is the kind of information that I would reserve until further down the track when dating – online or otherwise.

Similarly, asking someone for naked photos after one text message is a red flag to women that you are interested in only one thing and it is not a relationship.

At this point, I’d like to direct you to Creepy Daters for an education in what not to do!

So you forgot Valentines Day…what now?

15 Feb

Make it up to your other half of course with something potted and fabulous!


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All the ladies of the world…

14 Feb

In case you need a last minute idea, here’s the link http://youtu.be/hFjrbmj0CUc

Lose IT this V.Day!

1 Feb

I’m not sure what you were thinking…but I’m talking about losing weight for Valentines Day!

Have you put on the pounds during your time in the love bubble?  Nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ like losing a few kilograms so you look hot for Valentine’s Day!

Today is the 1st of February so set a goal.  It could be to lose a kilo by Valentines Day or even a centimeter from around your waist.  Check out the Australian Government Measure Up website for information on how to measure up.

By all means if you haven’t had a check-up recently then visit your doctor.  I can’t think of a better Valentines Day gift than a clean bill of health from the doctor!

Know your audience this Valentines Day

31 Jan

I contacted a lot of my girlfriend’s before I wrote this post because I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track.  Basically the key is knowing who you are in a relationship with.

Most of my friends expressed that they were less interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day the older they get or the longer they are in a relationship but there are exceptions!

  • I have one friend who is into celebrating every little anniversary so I’m confident that she would love a big deal to be made out of Valentines Day.
  • If you are in a new relationship or if it is your first Valentines Day as a couple then Valentines Day can be important.  It’s not really about the gifts in this case but more about the gentleman in question laying their cards on the table and saying that they care.
  • If your lady friend is in their teens or early twenties they will likely appreciate a celebration of sorts but just be aware that it is not so much about the romance with you as it is about having a good story to tell their girlfriends about how romantic you are!

I have several friends who believe that the need to celebrate Valentines Day is symptomatic of problems in your relationship.  It has become a very commercial occasion but in my opinion your can’t go wrong with a nice card or even just making sure your tell your loved one how much you love them so they feel special all day.

Valentines Day is also a nice reminder to stop and ask yourself “How often do I tell you or show you how much I care?” and “When was the last time we did something nice together?”.

Valentines Day is also a super sweet day to tell your crush that you like them!

Basically, very few women would object to a sweet gesture but if you are in any doubt as to whether Valentines Day is a big deal in your relationship then go all out.  Better to go big than go home!

Be mine…

29 Jan

So, in case you haven’t noticed Valentines Day is around the corner.

Don’t worry, I’m here to help with gift ideas, recipe ideas and also the truth about what women really think about Valentines Day.  I’ve surveyed about 30 girlfriends to find out whether they like Valentines Day, if their opinion of Valentines Day has changed over the years, what they like to receive if anything and what they would ask for if they could have ANYTHING for Valentines Day!

While you’re waiting check out ‘The Happy Show’ by Stefan Sagmeister, art and creativity needn’t be so serious so often.


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