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To urinal or not to urinal?

18 Feb

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that the issue dividing ‘The Block’ contestants during bathroom week is the inclusion of a urinal in Mark and Duncan’s bathroom.

(For anyone outside Australia, ‘The Block’ is a reality show where teams of two renovate houses/apartments.)

I love renovating properties but I can honestly say that it has NEVER crossed my mind to include a urinal in a residential project.  However, now that it is on the radar I would consider it.

By way of explanation, Duncan has 4 sons so decided to instal a urinal in their family home.  Though not aesthetically pleasing, as a woman the idea that there would be ‘no misses’ with a urinal would far outweigh the negatives.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that I am a ‘Yes’ with the following conditions:

  • I expect to stay in the home for a significant period of time.  I’m not really sure how well a urinal would sit with prospective buyers if I was planning on selling not long after renovation.
  • There are multiple males in the house.
  • I have an en suite and the urinal goes in the main bathroom

What about you?  Would you consider including a urinal in your bathroom?

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