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To urinal or not to urinal?

18 Feb

I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that the issue dividing ‘The Block’ contestants during bathroom week is the inclusion of a urinal in Mark and Duncan’s bathroom.

(For anyone outside Australia, ‘The Block’ is a reality show where teams of two renovate houses/apartments.)

I love renovating properties but I can honestly say that it has NEVER crossed my mind to include a urinal in a residential project.  However, now that it is on the radar I would consider it.

By way of explanation, Duncan has 4 sons so decided to instal a urinal in their family home.  Though not aesthetically pleasing, as a woman the idea that there would be ‘no misses’ with a urinal would far outweigh the negatives.  So, I guess what I’m saying is that I am a ‘Yes’ with the following conditions:

  • I expect to stay in the home for a significant period of time.  I’m not really sure how well a urinal would sit with prospective buyers if I was planning on selling not long after renovation.
  • There are multiple males in the house.
  • I have an en suite and the urinal goes in the main bathroom

What about you?  Would you consider including a urinal in your bathroom?

Read this before your buy flowers for Valentines Day

12 Feb

I absolutely adore flowers but I can honestly say that I am not a huge fan of red roses.  In fact, I’d take a bunch of plain old white daisy’s over red roses any day.

Having said that, if your girlfriend is mad keen on Valentines Day she will probably appreciate them even though you could probably have put down a deposit on a house with all the money you saved had you chosen a different variety of flower on Valentines Day.

Having said this, I am in no way condoning picking up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or petrol station on the way home this Valentines Day!

Go into a nice florist, tell them what your budget is and see what they come up with.  Generally choosing one variety of flower and using it on mass in an arrangement has a higher impact then bits of this and that.

Flowers like hydrangeas have a lot of actual flower per stem.  Five hydrangeas beautifully wrapped is stunning.  Five roses has significantly less wow factor and on Valentines Day would probably be more expensive.

Here are some of my favorites…

Valentines Day Flowers

10 Feb

A bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. Only in America! I could really go a bit of bacon now though after watching this!

Fat, pale and hairy

6 Feb

I can only assume from the giveaways offered in the beauty section of ‘Peninsula Living Magazine’ that its core readers are fat, pale and hairy.

Of six ‘Valentines Day’ giveaways, one is for a five-session course of fat reduction treatments, another is for packs of tanning product and the third is for at-home waxing products.

I just want to be clear with all men that none of these is acceptable as a gift.  Don’t be fooled by all the love hearts on the page, these are not gifts!!

So, what are they?  Us women folk must be meant to jump at the chance of denuding our bodies of hair at home and ruining our bed linen with fake tan all while keeping up with our fat reduction sessions.

To be fair, I’m not against any of the above just NOT in the name of Valentine’s Day.

Navigating the Valentines Day ‘Gift Guides’

5 Feb

hearts test

Heart Necklace / Tiffany Red Heart Lock Necklace / Bling Charm / White Heart Charm / Red Heart Charm

Would you like your children to move out before they are 40?

25 Jan

I understand that the cost of living is higher than it was when we moved out of home BUT I’d also hazard a guess that part of the reason kids are living at home longer can be linked to all the crap they buy!

Teachers at school can teach children how to count money but their financial education is your responsibility.

It’s probably pretty confusing for children these days as to where money comes from.  Gone are the days of waiting endlessly at the bank with my mum to do the banking, now it’s all about putting it on a credit card or taking it off a debit card.

When I was working as a nanny, the children found it difficult to understand why I couldn’t just take more money out of the bank to buy them a Wii.  I got sick of the boys nagging me to buy them things so I asked them to broker a deal with their parents to do chores in return for earning money towards their Wii.  They ended up getting the Wii for Christmas and by the time Christmas arrived they had enough saved to buy games and were very proud of themselves.

In the future, when they would ask me to buy them toys I would tell them that we could go home to get money from their piggy bank so that they can buy the toy.  Often once we counted out how much of their savings it would take to buy one toy they would have a change of heart.  It had taken a long time to save that money and that weren’t sure that they wanted to use it all on this toy.

Get rich slow…

24 Jan

If you don’t already make regular contributions to a high interest savings account then read on to find out why TIME is so important to your future.

If you do then give yourself a pat on the back because you are taking an important step towards securing your financial future.

Check out, I’ve actually directed you to the compound interest calculator so you can input your own goals but there is alot of other interesting information which should interest everyone. retirement planning
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