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So you forgot Valentines Day…what now?

15 Feb

Make it up to your other half of course with something potted and fabulous!


Available from Mister Moss


Available from Say it With Succulents

Read this before your buy flowers for Valentines Day

12 Feb

I absolutely adore flowers but I can honestly say that I am not a huge fan of red roses.  In fact, I’d take a bunch of plain old white daisy’s over red roses any day.

Having said that, if your girlfriend is mad keen on Valentines Day she will probably appreciate them even though you could probably have put down a deposit on a house with all the money you saved had you chosen a different variety of flower on Valentines Day.

Having said this, I am in no way condoning picking up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or petrol station on the way home this Valentines Day!

Go into a nice florist, tell them what your budget is and see what they come up with.  Generally choosing one variety of flower and using it on mass in an arrangement has a higher impact then bits of this and that.

Flowers like hydrangeas have a lot of actual flower per stem.  Five hydrangeas beautifully wrapped is stunning.  Five roses has significantly less wow factor and on Valentines Day would probably be more expensive.

Here are some of my favorites…

Valentines Day Flowers

Can’t get a babysitter for Valentines Day?

11 Feb

Well…I have the solution!

For this project you will need:

a friend
a Valentines Day Card (or other sentimental card)

Touch base with your friend and see if they are on board.

You need to pick a date in the diary when you will look after your buddy’s children while he takes his wife out.

Then work out a date when he can look after your children so that you can take your wife out. The date you take your wife out doesn’t need to be Valentines Day as long as they know that you are taking them out on a specific date.

So, on Valentines Day you can each give your wife a nice card telling them how much you love and appreciate them.  Also include the details of your pre-planned date.  She will be thrilled!  Not only have you made plans, you have found a babysitter aswell!

What a champion!

I’d rethink that skimpy lingerie set this Valentines Day

8 Feb

I know that I’ve said it but I’m going to say it again…’KNOW YOUR VALENTINE’.

If your other half has just had a baby or is heavily pregnant then a gift of skimpy underwear could go down like a lead balloon.

If you do want to go with skimpy underwear this Valentines Day then I would actually go with black because a) it will flatter every skin tone and b) she will be able to wear it regularly and c) she may feel less like an unpaid hooker.

Before you shop, look in her underwear drawer.  Look for something you see her in regularly for a true indication of size.  Steer clear of wedding lingerie as she will likely have been a size smaller on her wedding day.

If in doubt don’t go there!  Nothing dampens any sexy feeling like your underwear creating little rolls of skin/fat because it is too tight.  If you go too big you may as well have bought her a card that says ‘Happy Valentines Day, you’ve really stacked it on!’.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that although you might think that your girlfriend is sex on legs most of us have parts of our bodies that we don’t like.  Lingerie is actually more about women finding the combination of items that makes them feel HOT!  So, why not go shopping together or if you want to give her something on Valentines Day then buy a gift card to a gorgeous lingerie shop.

By all means if your woman looks like this then I wouldn’t worry about anything I just said

Lose IT this V.Day!

1 Feb

I’m not sure what you were thinking…but I’m talking about losing weight for Valentines Day!

Have you put on the pounds during your time in the love bubble?  Nothing says ‘I LOVE YOU’ like losing a few kilograms so you look hot for Valentine’s Day!

Today is the 1st of February so set a goal.  It could be to lose a kilo by Valentines Day or even a centimeter from around your waist.  Check out the Australian Government Measure Up website for information on how to measure up.

By all means if you haven’t had a check-up recently then visit your doctor.  I can’t think of a better Valentines Day gift than a clean bill of health from the doctor!

Know your audience this Valentines Day

31 Jan

I contacted a lot of my girlfriend’s before I wrote this post because I wanted to make sure that I was on the right track.  Basically the key is knowing who you are in a relationship with.

Most of my friends expressed that they were less interested in celebrating Valentine’s Day the older they get or the longer they are in a relationship but there are exceptions!

  • I have one friend who is into celebrating every little anniversary so I’m confident that she would love a big deal to be made out of Valentines Day.
  • If you are in a new relationship or if it is your first Valentines Day as a couple then Valentines Day can be important.  It’s not really about the gifts in this case but more about the gentleman in question laying their cards on the table and saying that they care.
  • If your lady friend is in their teens or early twenties they will likely appreciate a celebration of sorts but just be aware that it is not so much about the romance with you as it is about having a good story to tell their girlfriends about how romantic you are!

I have several friends who believe that the need to celebrate Valentines Day is symptomatic of problems in your relationship.  It has become a very commercial occasion but in my opinion your can’t go wrong with a nice card or even just making sure your tell your loved one how much you love them so they feel special all day.

Valentines Day is also a nice reminder to stop and ask yourself “How often do I tell you or show you how much I care?” and “When was the last time we did something nice together?”.

Valentines Day is also a super sweet day to tell your crush that you like them!

Basically, very few women would object to a sweet gesture but if you are in any doubt as to whether Valentines Day is a big deal in your relationship then go all out.  Better to go big than go home!

How does your garden grow?

8 Dec

If your garden grows through the hard work of your other half then here are some Christmas gift ideas that will LOVE!

furbish head planter

I love this gorgeous planter from furbish.  It is a shop in the USA so please check whether they can get it here in time! 

htf deer planter ps

How dear is this planter!  It’s $39.95 from Hard To Find.


These flamingoes are so retro, everytime I see them I wish I had a lawn, a cocktail and a pool boy!  Buy them and maybe your wife will make you her pool boy?!?

give what you grow labels

I know that I am pretty chuffed whenever anything I grow lives!  If you have enough to share then these labels could come in handy.

jam making kit

Pump up the jam?  All the labels and tags you need?

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