Read this before your buy flowers for Valentines Day

12 Feb

I absolutely adore flowers but I can honestly say that I am not a huge fan of red roses.  In fact, I’d take a bunch of plain old white daisy’s over red roses any day.

Having said that, if your girlfriend is mad keen on Valentines Day she will probably appreciate them even though you could probably have put down a deposit on a house with all the money you saved had you chosen a different variety of flower on Valentines Day.

Having said this, I am in no way condoning picking up a bunch of flowers from the supermarket or petrol station on the way home this Valentines Day!

Go into a nice florist, tell them what your budget is and see what they come up with.  Generally choosing one variety of flower and using it on mass in an arrangement has a higher impact then bits of this and that.

Flowers like hydrangeas have a lot of actual flower per stem.  Five hydrangeas beautifully wrapped is stunning.  Five roses has significantly less wow factor and on Valentines Day would probably be more expensive.

Here are some of my favorites…

Valentines Day Flowers

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