Can you have it all?

10 Jan

To me ‘having it all’ refers to success both at home and at work.

Men seem to have decided that they too want it ‘all’.  They want to be more involved at home and with their kids whilst still bringing home the bacon.  I really respect that but a word of warning…it is really hard work and you may find yourself feeling less happy and more stressed than you were before unless you:

  • Lower your expectations.  You don’t have to have your dream home right off the bat.  Lower the financial pressure and buy what you can afford so that the time you spend with your family is not riddled with guilt that you should be working or stress from the home loan that you couldn’t afford.
  • Outsource.  If you and your partner both work then get someone else to do your laundry, clean your house and even run your errands.  When you are at home with your kids they need you to BE there.
  • Spend time with your children.  Before you know it they will be at university and having children of their own.  You will have plenty of time to work crazy hours then.
  • Remember that material possessions are still only material possessions.  I’m not lacking in material possessions I’ll admit but I also stick to the motto of buying what I can afford and taking care of it.  When your kids grow up they are not going to care whether you had the fanciest car but they will remember if you were there.




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