Surrender to Christmas

20 Dec


I’m not even hosting Christmas but the list of things to do seems to be endless.  The fact that I thought Christmas was a day later than it actually is hasn’t helped matters!

After days of lovely pre-Christmas catch-ups, the stress of my failed culinary attempts is ruining my holiday buzz so I’ve waved the white flag and surrendered to a commercial Christmas.  Surely these companies who make a living by baking can do a better job than I can, so I’ve decided to support Australian business and buy my baked goods instead!

The moral of the store is OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE, OUTSOURCE.

The success of your Christmas will be measured not by whether or not you have made your mince pies but how much enjoyment is had by all.  Even if you are merely support staff for Christmas festivities don’t be scared to suggest a bit of outsourcing if you think your better half is quickly becoming your worse half!

On that note have a very Merry Christmas!  I’ll be back in the new year, have a good one.

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