Husband of the Year?

18 Dec

Yes, that’s right…you could be husband of the year.

All you have to do is offer to make Christmas lunch.

By now, your other half will likely have prepared a menu, they may have even put in an order at the butcher and started the timeline for the days leading up to Christmas and what tasks will occur on each day.

To me, offering to ‘do Christmas’ would be like offering to give birth to a child on my behalf.  The answer would obviously be YES!

Not everyone will be willing to relinquish the reigns of ‘Christmas Lunch’ but you have asked.

If your other half is reluctant to put you in charge at least ask what items you can tick off ‘The List’, which by now has become a document rivaling that of a military operation.

On the day:

  • be ready to pick up after the kids
  • make sure that there is enough ice
  • greet your guests
  • keep the washing up under control, and
  • make sure that everyone has a drink in their hand, especially the chef!

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