Skipping the post office queue

11 Dec

Do you know about the parcel pick-up window?

Between people collecting their online shopping and sending Christmas parcels, the queue is out the door of most post offices.  If you are simply picking up a parcel then don’t spend your whole lunch hour in the queue or wait outside for the post office to open at 9AM and be late for work.  Did you know that alot of post offices have a parcel collection window that opens before the post office.  The collection window at my post office opens at 6AM, three hours before the post office does!!  You just need to ring the bell or knock on the window and the staff who are inside sorting mail will come to help you.

Both my local post offices also have extended trading hours over the holiday period which may help with both sending and receiving mail.

Check AUSTRALIA POST for locations and details near you.

One Response to “Skipping the post office queue”

  1. Skye December 11, 2012 at 7:13 am #

    I’ve never heard of this – thats such an awesome tip! Thanks Kate!

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