You’ve got to have the right gear…

10 Dec

Don’t kid yourself, whether you like it or not men are as bad if not worse than women when it comes to gearing up.  If you don’t believe me, take a moment to think of your mates.  How many have taken up cycling (you might notice a spike in this behaviour around the time of the Tour De France)?  They’ve bought the bike, Lycra, helmet and even those fancy snap in cycling shoes, only to put the lot on EBAY 6 months down the track?

This is probably one area where men and women are very similar.  The simple act of buying sports gear makes us feel that bit closer to ‘elite athlete’ status.

Here are some gorgeous gift ideas for your other half this Christmas (click on the image to be taken directly to the website).


Mizzle Swim Sack available at Hard to Find.  Perfect for trips to the beach or the pool and more importantly on the way home with wet swimmers and towels.


Marine Parasol Set, available at Hard to Find.  The case also acts as a cushion for hours of post-Christmas reading or snoozing in comfort!you are my sunshine towel black list studio

I feel happy just looking at this towel!  It also comes with a matching tote bag for shopping or throwing the towel in for trips to the beach.


I am a repeat offender at Lululemon!  Their gear is comfortable and lasts better than anything that I have tried.  It is a little more expensive than Lorna Jane so sometimes I feel a little guilty which is even more reason to give the gift of Lulemon because you can’t feel guilty about how much it cost someone else!  Shipping is free and last time I ordered it arrived within about two days plus you can exchange in store!  Please note:  Lululemon is Canadian so that sizing is different.  Basically you minus 4 from your Australian size so an Australian 14 becomes a size 10.

Ironedge kettlebell starter kit 6kg-female-starter-set-basic-01This gift is not for everyone.

  • DO give this as a gift if your wife loves working out at the gym.
  • DO give this as a gift if your wife is super fit and loves to try new workouts.
  • DO give this as a gift if your wife has had to give up gym membership or personal training because the budget doesn’t stretch that far anymore.
  • DON’T give this as a gift if your wife has stacked on the kilos.  This is not a subtle hint type of present.

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