Teaching your foodie to cook!

7 Dec

Can your foodie cook or do they just look through the magazines and cookbooks oohhh and ahhing at how amazing everything looks?

If this sounds familiar, why not buy a cooking class or gift voucher for a class or two?  Or you could even do it together!

Here are a couple of great cooking schools in Sydney (just click on a logo for their website. Please note that cooking for blokes is also for women).

Still looking for more?  Here are a couple of ideas for your food lover:

  1. A subscription to one of your partners favourite foodie magazines
  2. A chefs table experience.  Some of the really upmarket restaurants have a chefs table which is basically a table located in the kitchen of the restaurant so you can watch the chef in action.  A tasting menu prepared and served by the head chef also sweetens the deal.  Just google ‘chefs table’ and your city for some options.
  3. A gourmet food hamper from somewhere like Simon Johnson.

accoutrement chef ps Sydney Fish Marketcooking for blokes logo ps

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